I worked in acrylic paint back then, just about all tubes of which I 100% stole from art classrooms over the years. But there were a few watercolors in there too, also stolen from school. Given that I was into death metal, horror novels, HR Giger and also hitting puberty you can see how my subject matter revolved primarily around babes, body horror and repulsive situations. A lot of death metal album covers at the time were big weird Lovecraftian monstrosities so I was emulating what I liked. Inspiration also came from models in fashion magazines or my dad’s Playboys which were kept very poorly stashed in his room.

DRAWINGS 1990-95

Lots of sketches and drawing with pencil and charcoal and plenty of copying heavy metal album art and other stuff I was into. Same inspirations as the paintings!


In freshman year of high school I had French class with my pal Michelle and every day I’d draw a “Cartoon Page” with recurring characters and goofy running storylines for the sole purpose of cracking Michelle and I up. There’s hundreds of these and I do not know French.


I was always drawing something as a kid. Here’s some of those somethings.