The sudden death of her estranged mother shakes Alex from a suicidal spiral and she returns to a hometown she vowed to never set foot in again. As she quickly discovers, a criminal underworld is running an organ harvesting operation and her mother’s body is next up for processing. Over the next twenty four hours Alex fights to reclaim her mother, save her sister’s life and overcome a lifetime of self-doubt.

It’s illegal to buy or sell organs and tissue in America, but supply and demand outshine the law. As Alex realizes what she’s up against, her will to live and fight are rekindled as she puts her societal anger and determination into preserving her mother’s dignity.

BURN IT ALL takes on all the ways men assault the minds and bodies of women, shines a critical and non-exploitative light on that ugliness and wraps it all in the thrilling tale of one woman who refuses to be crushed by patriarchy. To its climatic conclusion BURN IT ALL explores allegories of body autonomy that elevates above mere cinematic drama and introduces the opportunity to start a conversation.

Director, writer, cinematographer – Brady Hall
Producers – Amanda Rae Jones, Nancy Frye, Deb Capstone

About The Production

BURN IT ALL is a truly independent production built with love by a dedicated team of passionate artists. Acting additionally as cinematographer, editor and score composer, Hall explored the ability to create a high end looking film on a small budget with a  minimal local crew, half of whom were female. Relying on loaned gear, generous location owners and rain-proof clothing, the entire production was shot in just 17 days as Winter crept into the Pacific Northwest. In spite of the clouds, rain and gloom, the vibe of the film truly highlights the great locations and people of the Pacific Northwest.

Filmed and developed in Seattle, WA., BURN IT ALL was written and directed by Brady Hall and produced by Amanda Rae Jones, Nancy Frye and Deborah Capstone; whose combined experience contributes to a film that stands out despite being small in budget.

Film newcomer Elizabeth Cotter brings years of work as a stuntwoman and performer to the lead role of ALEX with realism and intensity. Supporting cast includes Emily Gateley (JENNY), Ryan Postell (TRAVIS) and Greg Michaels as the shadowy enforcer BISHOP.

Stunt and fight coordinator Peter “Drago” Tiemann (Z Nation, Grey’s Anatomy), worked closely with the cast to develop fight sequences that punch above the film’s weight in terms of intensity and realism. Aside from a few risky moves, all cast performed their own fight scenes and stunts.

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