The wages of sin.

A foul-mouthed family of brother and sister, in their late teens or early 20s, and their father run a small farm. During one argument between the siblings, ostensibly about her choice of a man to marry, she hints that she knows why he has no woman in his life. Later that night, when dad’s sleeping off heavy drinking, brother and sister open Pandora’s box.

About The Production

This was short film #2 in a trilogy of fucked up shorts Calvin Lee Reeder made in the 2000s. Filmed in a couple days at an actually little farm in the rain and in Calvin’s mom’s house in Seattle. I did some of my first CGI effects here and while crude, they worked at the time! The soundtrack was graciously donated by storied indie garage band OCS (now known as The Ohsees). This short got us an invite to Sundance which was weird but kinda fun.

Photos & Images