This was my first “real” band! I met Ben Bromage 1997 through a “musicians wanted” ad in The Rocket, the big alt-weekly newspaper of the time and we both shared a love of indie rock (and Rush) so we started playing together. This was also the first instance of being in a band and everybody goes “well… who’s gonna sing?” and then there is a 7 hour pause and then finally I go “I guess I can?” and then we have a pretty bad singer who can barely carry a tune. A lot of out-of-key warbling ensued.  The musicianship was the strong suit here and not the vocals!

Over the next eight years we played many local shows, wrote and recorded a lot of songs and went through a few bass players/lineup changes and gave it a good shot but eventually life and other interests caused the band to fizzle out.

Being in this band taught me so much about writing and playing music, recording, graphic design and the crushing realities of music scenes and how networking and schmoozing really works. A lot of great memories and music!