I recorded a ton of assorted things by myself between 1993 and 2005. Beginning with a 4-track cassette recorder, graduating to a ¼” reel to reel 8-track and then on to digital. Early on I’d borrow somebody’s 4-track and try to find somebody with a drum kit where I could lay down the first track then go home and put in the guitars and vocals in my bedroom.

When I moved into a place with friends in 1997 it became easier and we actually dug out the crawlspace in the basement to make a music room. In hindsight we likely gravely compromised the structural integrity of the house foundation but oh well, it never collapsed! I soon scored a Tascam 388 ¼” reel to reel 8-track and that upped the quality considerably.

This material ranges widely and lots of things went on to be songs in the repertoires of bands I got involved with later. Mostly originals, but some covers that were truly, embarrassingly bad and a couple that are pretty good (chief among the latter is a version of the song “Tetsuo” from Geinoh Yamashirogumi’s Akira soundtrack album). I played precisely one show as Spheres at a little independent experimental music fest at a cafe in Olympia. I think about 15 people watched.

Unless otherwise noted everything is written, played and sung by me.