In 1998 I was driving a delivery van for work and the boss thought the job took 8 hours a day but it really took between 3 and 5 so instead of being honest I just went to thrift stores and home before returning to the store and being all “WHEW tough day out on the road!”  I actually went to see a show at Yo Yo A Go Go in Olympia once on the clock (Brittle Stars, so worth it)! Sorry, Larry. In addition to so many records and dumb tshirts I also scored an amazing Crumar DP-80 electric piano at Goodwill for $20 (!!!) and then a Hammond M3 organ for a similarly ridiculous price (!!!) so what else would I do other than start a new band. I got together with Justin Beard, a longtime friend and collaborator, and these keyboards to make some vaguely ominous, Pink Floyd-sh music with heavy dashes of pessimism.

We recorded a number of songs on the Tascam 388 ¼” reel to reel machine (which I did NOT score at a thrift store) and played a couple shows with a fella named Jim doing the bass parts.

I can’t tell you why we disbanded because I don’t remember. I think we just lost the pizzazz of it all, but some of these songs remain in the list of favorite things I’ve ever recorded.